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Works as Project Leader

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Pipe Dream – Pipe Dream – Cam Jazz 2018

Hank Roberts, Filippo Vignato, Pasquale Mirra, Giorgio Pacorig, Zeno De Rossi

Pipe Dream is an international band featuring four of the most interesting personalities in the new italian creative scene and american cellist Hank Roberts.

Over his nearly four-decade career, Hank Roberts has forged a compelling original voice on the cello, encompassing abstract improvisation and soulful folk melodies, intricate new-music compositions and vigorous rock songs. Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, Roberts made his name on the legendary Downtown scene in 1980s New York. Faced with a dearth of mentors or peers on his instrument, he carved his own path through that fertile ground alongside such frequent collaborators as Bill Frisell, Tim Berne, Marc Ribot and John Zorn.

The five musicians stretch among chamber music, african echoes, new music and american folk-rock, shaped in their own unique sound as a band.Their first eponymus album ‘Pipe Dream’ has been released on September 7th, 2018 for Cam Jazz.

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Filippo Vignato – Harvesting Minds – Cam Jazz 2017

Filippo Vignato, Giovanni Guidi, Mattia Magatelli, Attila Gyárfás

The electric atmospheres of his debut album are only apparently distant from the dry sounds of Harvesting Minds: in the passage between these two works emerge the sharp musical vision and the personality of Vignato that, together with his uncommon talent for composing, trace a coherent and evolving path.

The result of the contrast between tension towards abstraction and melodic urgency, Harvesting Minds narrates a music that is sparked by the infinite human desire to reach a place where consciousness and unconsciousness meet.

“One of my main artistic intentions is to look for something other than the explicit: what is behind, under or around
things. In an era saturated with images, sounds and media content of all kinds, Harvesting Minds wants to be an
invitation to reconsider the importance of our inner space, of dialogue, of silence.”

Under the supervision of music producer Ermanno Basso, Harvesting Minds was recorded and mixed by Stefano
Amerio at Artesuono Recording Studio in Cavalicco (UD), Italy in November 2016, and mastered by Danilo Rossi.

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Filippo Vignato – Plastic Breath – Auand 2016

Filippo Vignato, Yannick Lestra, Attila Gyárfás

Plastic Breath is a metaphor for a particular attitude that takes the Present as the center of musical narration, an attitude that makes the unknown its preferred path. But not only.
Breath is the arcane topos where the magic of life resides. It is the interface between body and soul, the frontier between living and not living, between silence and sound.
A breath that becomes plastic, sculpted and three-dimensional through the notes of wind instruments and muted in artificial, distorted and laminated through filters, effects and electroacoustic alterations. Our thoughts and ears sculpt the spacetime in the form of frequencies, vibrations and sound.
Finally, it’s about what most concerns us as musicians and improvisors: the materialization of musical ideas. We see them as plastic breaths.
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Works in Collaboration

My other collaborations as musician or arranger




ROSA BRUNELLO Y Los FermentosUpright Tales – CAM JAZZ 2016

PIERO BITTOLO BON  Bread&Fox  Big Hell On Air – AUAND 2016

ZENO DE ROSSI Zenophilia – AUAND 2016

GIOVANNI GUIDI REBEL BAND – L’espresso/Casa Del Jazz 2016

 MALKUTHMalkuth – Rudi Records 2015

OMIT FIVESpeak Random – SLAM Records 2014

GLAUCO VENIER/MICHELE CORCELLASymphonika feat. Norma Winstone – Artesuono 2013

MASSIMO DE MATTIA Concert Jazz Band – Teatro Arrigoni – Artesuono 2013

MOFFried Generation – AUAND 2013

GEMMA FARRELL GROUPVicissitude – 2013

ROSA BRUNELLO 5tet (guest) -Zone di Musica 2012

OMIT FIVEOmit five – Caligola Records 2012

MOFEmbarrassing Days – CSR 2009